Are You Applying to College?


Good News!

We recently wrote a book to help YOU get into college using tricks/methods not taught in school and not found in any other Undergraduate College Admissions Books!

We think you are going to love it! The book is in the final stages of review and should be out in the next month! Stay tuned!

"The Real S#!t they don't teach you: College Admissions"

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What to expect:

Getting into college has never been more confusing! While information on the internet is just a click away, the quality of advice and "how-to's" is steadily declining. "College Acceptance made Easy" written by Frank Cusimano, was made for anyone applying to college who wanted to know the best way to get into the school of their dreams. This book does not cover the simple "google-able" questions - it covers the secret tricks and timeline hacks that can give you the competitive edge over your peers. It takes more than just being smart to get into the best schools in the country - it takes knowledge, perseverance, preparation, and the ability to engage an admissions committee reviewer just through reading your application and personal essays. This book dives into the secrets behind the admissions process in hopes to give advice to those who truly need it.

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